The assessment of students’ learning and progress is central to effective teaching and learning. The purpose of this assessment is:

  • To provide teachers, students and parents/carers with a continuous record of progress at Key Stages 3 and 4
  • To provide students with useful information regarding the success of their learning and to help them identify strengths and weaknesses and identify strategies for improvement
  • To motivate students by providing them with short and long-term targets
  • To provide teachers with useful information about their own effectiveness and so inform the planning of their teaching styles
  • Through the reporting system, provide parents/carers with a clear picture of their child’s progress and achievements, identifying strengths and weaknesses and setting targets for development.



The Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits (KASH) are reviewed for each student in each subject on a termly basis. Development in each area is determined by the subject teacher as either, concern, cause for concern, secure, enhancing or excelling dependent on the progress being made when compared with curriculum expectations.

Watch the videos to find out more about KASH:

The Assessment Process

The assessing of students is an ongoing process and gathers evidence from a variety of sources:

  • Classroom observation
  • Written work in the classroom
  • Preparation, Practice & Retrieval – Click here for full policy
  • School tests and assessments
  • Predictions based upon prior attainment
  • External examination including GCSE/BTEC/GCE examinations
Exam Preparation

As part of the school’s assessment process, our students will sit internal test/exams during each academic year. In order to assist our students with their revision, the following study skills guidance material has been made available for them.  Additional support can also be obtained by students from their subject teachers, Heads of House, Form Tutors and Heads of Year.

Key Stage 3 Foundation Stages Reference Guides