On Tuesday 6th February, eight student leaders from Laurus Cheadle Hulme participated in Stockport’s first ever L!STEN Youth Summit, where they had the opportunity to share their views on various topics that affect them and their community.

The summit, which took place at Stockport Town Hall, was attended by student representatives from every secondary school and college in Stockport!

The L!STEN Youth Summit was planned by the L!STEN steering group, supported by Stockport Council and PIE UK (Pursuing Individual Excellence), a social enterprise based in Stockport that works with young leaders of the future.

It aimed to engage young people in considering the future of Stockport and the council’s One Future plan by getting their views heard and allowing them to participate in a range of workshops

Over 100 students took part in discussions on different areas of society, which included Healthcare, Housing of the Future, Neighbourhoods, Growing up in Stockport and Transport.

Students from Laurus Cheadle Hulme attend first Stockport Youth Summit
Mark Hunter, Leader of Stockport Council, also addressed the audience and praised the students for their enthusiasm and input.

The students also had the chance to ask questions to some of the most influential figures from Stockport, such as:

  • Karen Hames – the Chief Executive of the Stockport Foundation Trust for the NHS
  • Aba Graham – Stockport Race Equality Partnership
  • Rachel Harrison – Chief Superintendent from Stockport Police
  • Steve Oliver – Chief Executive Office of Music Magpie (based in Stockport) and Chair of the Economic Alliance
  • Caroline Simpson – Chief Executive of Stockport Council

At the end of the event, all students made pledges of how they will contribute to Stockport, continuing its journey to becoming a fantastic place.

Congratulations to all the students who took part in this amazing event!