It’s that time of year when we all like to indulge in our favourite chocolate so why not turn your kitchen into your very own chocolate factory for some Easter holiday fun?


Renowned master chocolatier Oliver Dunn has filmed an online demonstration exclusively for the Laurus Trust so grab your aprons and join in at home to make a chocolate lolly.


You will need:

Grease proof paper

Lolly pop sticks

100g milk chocolate (chocolate buttons are ideal)

50g white chocolate

Microwaveable bowl (or a bowl and pan)

Piping bag (or small sandwich bag)


Oliver, who hosts popular chocolate parties under the name Oli the Choc, is renowned throughout the region thanks to his lively demonstrations and expertise, which he developed as part of the family business, Simon Dunn Chocolatier.


During the interactive session, you will learn where cocoa beans come from and about the different types of chocolate before having the chance to follow Oliver’s step-by-step demonstration.


We hope you enjoy making your own chocolatey creations and you can see more at