Behaviour and Rewards

Across Laurus Schools, our climate is positive and optimistic. We have a learning and success culture where achievement and effort are rewarded; where all are challenged to do their best and where all are valued and respected.


Through our rewards policy we aim to motivate and praise students for their effort, participation and achievement both individually and within their House. All students will be awarded individual House Points but they will also share responsibility for generating points towards their House total.

House Points are awarded for:

  • house events and competitions
  • excellent work/effort/improvement
  • acts of kindness
  • receiving a Praise Postcard
  • 100% attendance
  • receiving a school badge

Certificates of Achievement are awarded when students achieve a certain number of House Points. School badges are awarded for outstanding achievements.


Each half term, House Point totals are announced. The flag of the winning House is displayed outside the front of the school for the following half term.

Towards the end of the Summer Term, the House with the most points overall will receive the House Cup. Students with the highest individual points total within each House will also be recognised for their contribution by a Head of House. Find out more about our House System.

Behaviour for Learning

We closely monitor ‘Behaviour for Learning’ in lessons and the completion of Practice, Preparation & Retrieval (PP&R). We will record instances where we believe that a student’s behaviour for learning is preventing them from making good progress. This allows us to put intervention strategies in place and alert parents/carers to this at an early stage.


Students are responsible for their own behaviour. Consequences will result from their choices, which includes;

  • C1 – formal warning
  • C2 – 10 minute detention
  • C3 – 30 minute detention
  • C4 – 1 hour detention (removal from lesson)
  • C5 – serious incident


A further C sanction will be issued if student challenge the decision to be given a B or C code.

3 or more behaviour incidents (including no PP&R) will result in students receiving an hour Head of Year detention after school.

Students, parents/carers and school staff share the responsibility to ensure that learning is not disrupted due to bad behaviour. Students’ behaviour is also monitored outside of class time.

Internal exclusions, suspensions and permanent exclusions can be issued in extreme circumstances.

For more information, please read our Behaviour Policy.